Begin Your Journey of Relaxation

Spa enthusiasts, slip off those shoes, slip into the F robes, close your eyes & unwind!

The F Spa welcomes you to a paradisiacal experience where outside stresses seem far away and highly indulgent ‘spoil-me’ sessions rule the day.

The first of its kind luxury boutique spa in the country, the F Spa marries a host of holistic European&Asian therapies to delight all your senses& revitalize the mind, body & spirit.

Taking your transformation to a whole new level are our highly skilled professionals & custom-crafted relaxation treatments that help you find zen.

It’s time for you to step into this sanctuary of seclusion & luxury that is setting new standards of excellence with meditative F music & ambiance!



From exotic detoxifying facialsthat give you complexion perfection to heavenly massages that gloriously un-hunch your shoulders & everything else –relax, revive, beautify, or do all of the above at the ultimate all-day destination in the country, F Spa. With a serene atmosphere & stunning facilities to boot, our indulgent list of services will leave you looking luscious from head to toe.

Clear up your calendars, cancel those meetings, and commit to a day of just you. You deserve it!

Massage Therapies

Surrender yourself to our legendary massage techniques picked up from all across the globe. Your sore muscles, neck, back & shoulders will thank you for days!

  • Swedish (European)
  • Balinese & Thai (Oriental)
  • Hot Stone
  • F Spa Signature

The much coveted inner glow is achievable! Take off on a mini vacation while our aestheticians work their magic fingers to take years off your face.

  • Purifying
  • Triple Oxygen
  • Anti-ageing
  • Radiance & Wrap
  • Mini Microdermabrasion
  • F Spa Signature
Hand Therapies
  • Four-handed
  • Two-handed


Skin Therapies
Herbal Hot Compress
Foot Reflexology
Manicures & Pedicures
Hair Treatments
Modish Waxing
Nail Art