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Founded in France in 1997 by its president Michel Adam Lisowski, Fashion Television is the global multimedia network leader in Fashion and Lifestyle content.

Post its launch in Paris, Europe's fashion capital, Fashion TV swiftly expanded & established itself in other European countries & world markets before moving eastward and making inroads in countries like India & China.

Fashion TV is the only 24/7 Glamour, Luxury and Lifestyle TV channel worldwide that provides glitzy entertainment with emphasis on the latest international trends. Since its inception, Fashion TV has always strived to maintain highest standards for excellence, providing original, unbiased and informative programming, not available on any other channel globally.

Over the years FTV has become icon of affordable luxury, an enviable lifestyle centered around fashion, food, music & entertainment with an impressive viewership across:

  • 500 Million Households
  • 7 Million Public Locations
  • 31 Satellite & 2000 Cable Systems
  • 193 Countries
  • 5 Continents
  • 20 Million Monthly Views on Youtube
  • 4.2 Million Facebook Likes
  • 3.8 Million Google+ Likes

With a bid to further its growth within the Indian market, Fashion TV India introduces its range of offerings to the dynamic audience of the country.

  • Hospitality
  • Residences
  • Salon
  • Spa
  • Education
  • Accessories
  • Apparels
  • Hotels
  • FTV
  • Events
    F Parties

If your interests align with ours and you wish to carry our prestigious legacy forward, do visit our ‘Partners Opportunity’ page to learn more.